Shark Navigator is one of the best rated vacuum cleaners

My Shark navigator review: an amazing upright vacuum cleaner!

Your house cleanliness greatly depends on the vacuum cleaner that you’re using! Classic vacuum cleaners will get the job done, but they simply pale in comparison to the new upright vacuum cleaners!

Pretty much all upright vacuum cleaner models will provide you with much better suction than classic models and they’re also a lot easier and more comfortable to use!

Now, as you can see, there are many vacuum cleaner reviews on the web, so finding the best vacuum for your needs may seem like a pretty daunting task at first!

In this review, we’ll take a look at one of the best upright vacuum cleaner models on the market right now, the Shark Navigator!

It is one of the best rated vacuum cleaners in many vacuum cleaner ratings sites. Is all this hype justified? Well, let’s find out by reading my Shark navigator vacuum review! You can also look at this best handheld vacuum cleaner if you want a handy one.

best rated vacuum cleaners

Shark Navigator Vacuum Overview

The new Shark Navigator vacuum is one of the most lightweight vacuum cleaners,since it only weighs in at just 15-pounds and because it rides on specially designed smooth glide rubber wheels, maneuvering it around furniture is practically effortless!

The Shark vacuum is being powered by the revolutionary and patented infinity technology that allows it to trap huge amounts of dust, without ever losing suction, which means that it can clean the last room just as good as the first! Thanks to its 30 feet long power cord, you will be able to clean multiple rooms using just a single power outlet.

The innovative power nozzle found on all Shark vacuums is ideal for getting pet hair and other small particles off your precious carpets! Their revolutionary pet hair power brush will wipe all pet hair clean off carpeted stairs and upholstery, while the 24-inch crevice tool, will help you reach hair in tight or otherwise hard to reach spaces!

The Shark vacuum cleaner navigator is also perfect when it comes to cleaning bare floors! Its electronic brush roll shutoff, automatically stops the brush from rolling, providing you with vastly superior bare floor cleanup. Finally, this amazing bagless vacuum also comes with a very useful super stretch hose that gives you an extra 12-feet of cleaning reach!

Also, the fact that it’s bagless, means that there are no bags that need to be replaced, which can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Shark Vacuum Features

Revolutionary Infinity Technology!

The Shark Navigator, comes with the very latest Infinity Technology! This revolutionary technology, unique to Shark vacuum cleaners, has been specially engineered to keep debris from obstructing the filter while you’re using the vacuum. It does this by using 21 cyclonic forces to constantly keep all the dirt and hair moving, before trapping them, thus keeping them away from the filter!

By preventing the filter of your bagless vacuum cleaner from getting clogged, the Infinity Technology essentially guarantees that the sucking power will always remains substantial and that your vacuum will always remove 99% of dirt from your floor!

If you have ever used a vacuum that uses replaceable bags then you must have noticed that when the opening of the bag becoms clogged, then the vacuum’s suction power gets significantly reduced. You won’t ever have to worry about that happening with Shark upright vacuum cleaner models though! It’s one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners and it is currently sold at discount prices on!

Innovative Brush roll shut-off feature!

No Shark vacuum review would be complete without talking about the unique two-motor system that this vacuum comes with! The electronic brush roll found below the vacuum, can be switched on or off, allowing you to clean different floor surfaces, without risking to harm them!

When cleaning carpets with this amazing upright bagless vacuum its brush will combs the piles of your carpet and loosen any debris or dust lodges in there! Combine this with the Infinity Technology and there’s no chance of any dust staying on your carpets after you’re done cleaning them!

But this amazing lightweight vacuum doesn’t stop there! It’s also perfect when it comes to cleaning bare floors too! Just turn the brush roll off and you’ll see that it works perfectly on linoleum, tile, and hardwood floors! Finally, what’s really great is that switching between floor surfaces while using your Shark vacuum, is as simple as a click of a switch on its power nozzle.

No replacement parts!

The Shark Navigator doesn’t come with any belts that you’ll need to replace! It is also completely bag less which means that you won’t ever have to buy any replacement bags for it! Its removable dust cup will hold all the dust your vacuum has sucked in. Once it’s full, just take it off the vacuum, empty it in your trash bin and put it back on the vacuum! It is that simple!

The Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner also comes with a lifetime filter that you will never have to replace! You will have to give it a wash every couple of years though! It’s one of the best upright bagless vacuum cleaners.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

Very easy to use!
Easy to clean!
No ownership costs!
Works great on all floor surfaces and carpets!
Lifetime washable filter!
Great price on!

The Bad

The debris canister could be a bit bigger.

Where to buy Shark Navigator from and for how much?

The best place to get the Shark Navigator NV22 is definitely!